Advancements in General Purpose Ultrasound Technology Aid Imaging in Morbidly Obese

InnerVision has developed a new technique for diagnostic ultrasound, targeting general diagnostic imaging. InnerVision’s novel methods produce high-resolution images at rapid frame-rates for greater diagnostic clarity compared with conventional ultrasound. The technology greatly improves ultrasound diagnosis in patients with obesity. Learn more about out our technology.

Our Technology

Combining Simultaneous Multi-Element Synthetic Aperture technology with a low-frequency transducer results in remarkable clarity in diagnostic scans for deep tissue imaging, especially in obese patients.
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Imaging Obese Subjects

Clinical results compiled for abdominal imaging of the morbidly obese demonstrate competitive advantage. Scans show marked improvements in diagnostic quality and clarity with our method compared to conventional techniques.
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Our Intellectual Property

InnerVision owns four US patents relating to ultrasound system architecture and image processing methods. Our proprietary image processing algorithms offer a new way to improve any ultrasound system.
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