Technical Company of Intelligent Diagnose Platform for Chronic Disease

Endo-cavity Diagnose + Minimally Invasive Surgery

China’s first

Endoscopic Ultrasonic Diagnostic System

  • Compatible with most
    popular Endoscopes

    Compatible with most popular Endoscopes

  • Efficiently Accompanied
    Clinical Inspections

    Efficiently Accompanied Clinical Inspections

  • Innovative
    Medical Equipment

    Innovative Medical Equipment


Independent Intellectual Property Rights

Full HD GI Endoscopy System

  • Full HD Imaging

  • Optical beam combining technology

  • Long service life


Devotion to R&D

Our company has applied for more than 100 patents, including 40 authorized patents, 3 software copyrights, covering the current products, services and future-looking technology. There’s a 30% increase in investment of patents application each year.

R&D cost accounts for more than 50% of total, including Ultrasonic Electronics, Optics, Energy, Equipment and various channels. We have achieved 4 certificates in Ultrasound and Optics, and was nominated the “National High-Tech Enterprise”.

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